Конспект воспитательного мероприятия "Happy chance"

Конспект воспитательного мероприятия "Happy chance" можно использовать во внеурочной деятельности по английскому языку
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Конспект воспитательного мероприятия

«Happy chance»






























Тема: “Happy chance game”

Цели: познавательная: углубление знаний о знаменитых людях, традициях.

Развивающая: развитие познавательных интересов, мышления, догадки.

Воспитательная: воспитание толерантного отношения к иноязычной культуре, уважительное отношение к своей.


Оборудование: интерактивная доска, карточки, картинки с достопримечательностями.


Ход мероприятия:

Teacher (T): Good afternoon, children! Today we are going to play "A Lucky Chance Game". Two teams will take part in it and there'll be three games. Game I is called "Go on!" The task is to answer the questions at high speed. If you don't know or don't remember the answer, you should say "Go on!", as your time is limited.

(Решить, сколько минут отвечает каж­дая команда.) Team captains, come here to determine the order your team will be asking. Our referees are .... They will count the number of the right answers. Every right answer gives one point to your team.

List I

  1. What is the capital of the UK? (London)
  2. Where is Trafalgar Square? (in London}
  3. Who was Nelson? (a British admiral}
  4. Where does the Queen live? (in Buckingham Palace)
  5. People who live in Scotland are called ... (the Scots)
  6. What are the main colours of the British flag? (red, blue, white)
  7. What food is traditional at Christmas? (roast turkey)
  8. When is Halloween celebrated? (October, 31)
  9. Name the river London is situated on. (the Thames)
  10. What is St. Paul's Cathedral? (a church)
  11. Name any English holiday.
  12. Name any national English game, (football, rugby, cricket)
  13. What plant is the symbol of Ireland? (the shamrock)
  14. What is celebrated on February, 14? (St. Valentine's Day)
  15. What plant is the symbol of England? (the rose)
  16. What is the name of the Queen? (Elizabeth II)
  17. What is William Shakespeare famous for? (a poet, a playwright)
  18. Who is the Official Head of State in Britain? (the Queen)
  19. What is the name of the biggest clock in London? (Big Ben)
  20. When do English children go from house to house and say: 'Trick or treat'? (on Halloween)


List II

  1. Name any places you'd like to visit in London.
  2. What parts does the UK consist of? (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
  3. What is Buckingham Palace? (the Queen's residence)
  4. What is Robert Burns famous for? (Scottish national poet)
  5. Name any famous English person.
  6. People who live in Ireland are called ... (the Irish)
  7. How many crosses does the British flag con­sist of? (3 crosses)
  8. When is April Fool's Day celebrated? (April, 1)
  9. What is the most democratic park in London? (Hyde Park)
  10. What ocean is the UK washed by? (the Atlantic Ocean)
  11. What are the names of the Queen's daugh­ters? (Anne and Margaret)
  12. What are the names of the British Saints? (St. George, St. Andrew, St. Patrick, St. David)
  13. What plant is the symbol of Scotland? (the thistle)
  14. Do English people have a good sense of humour? (Yes, they do)
  15. When is Christmas celebrated in Britain (December, 25)
  16. What   parts   does   Britain   consist   of? (England, Scotland, Wales)
  17. What is the capital of Scotland? (Edinburgh)
  18. What is the name of the British flag? (the Unionjack)
  19. People who live in Wales are called ... (the Welsh)
  20. What is the most popular English holiday?  (Christmas)



Teacher: Game II is called "Tricks from the box". I've got a box full of cards with descriptions  English famouse people. Team captains, come here to choose one card. The task is to guess: Who are they? You'll get one point for right answer.  Besides, there is a "Lucky chance" card. A "Lucky chance" card will give your team an extra 5 points added to your score.

  1.     Не was English. He was born in 1564.
                He was a writer and an actor. He died in
  2.     He was born in London in 1889. Later he lived in the USA. He   was a film actor.
         3.         He was born in 1859. He was a writer.
                He wrote stories about Sherlock Holmes.
          4.       She was born in 1891. She wrote 75 detective stories. She died     in 1976.
  1.  He was born in 1847 in Scotland. He invented the telephone.
  2. He was a famous South Seas explorer. He discovered many new lands for England. He was killed in his voyage to Hawaii.
  3. He is a writer. He is the author of The Land of Rings.
  4. She is the author of the Harry Potter book.
  5. He  is  a    f a m o u s e   foo t b a l l e r .
  6.                Lucky   chance



Game 3 is called “Traditions”. Look at first. (показать блины). What is it? Do you like it? When do Russian people eat it? But what about British people.

When do they eat pancakes?

  1. Shrove Tusday
  2. Christmas
  3.  Easter

- Yes, on this day in England families usually have pancakes for dinner. At schools the children and teachers have pancakes for school dinner, and in restaurants customs ask for pancakes  too. Do you know that in England people not only eat them but race with them

Another tradition is the Pancake fight when a cook tosses a pancake high into the air. The boys fight for the pancake. The winner is the boy who gets the biggest piece of the pancake.


Second tradition  Christmas  Day . Answer  the questions .

When is Christmas Day celebrated ?

What traditions are associated with Christmas Day?


The third. Read the description and guess the thing.

This strange ceremony takes place every night and is 700 years old! Locking a door or a gate seems "to be a simple thing. Not, however, if the gates are of the Tower of London. At 21.53 the Chief Warder of the Tower, carrying a lantern and the…, meets the Escort of the ….. They march to the various gates and lock them ceremonially. But at the Bloody Tower the party is stopped by a sentry with the words: 'Halt! Who comes there?' (as if he wouldn't know after 700 years.)



'Queen Elizabeth's…...'

'Advance Queen Elizabeth's…..'

'All's well.'

'God preserve Queen Elizabeth.'


And the ….are carried to the Governor of the Tower for the night.

What thing is this ceremony connected with?

  1. a crown (корона)
  2. a key
  3. a flag
  4. a rod (жезл)

Last task. You should  complete the crossword. Each team will be given one and the same crossword connected with British traditions and customs. 

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