Конспект урока "The Lost World"

Урок английского языка по произведению Артура Конан Дойла "The Lost World". На уроке учащиеся знакомятся с героями произведения и научатся рассказывать о героях данного произведения.
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Long term plan unit: Reading for pleasure



Teacher name:

Grade: 7 

Number present:


Theme of the lesson:  Sherlock Holmes: The Lost World

Learning objectives (s) that this lesson is contributing to

7.C9 use imagination to express thoughts, ideas, experiences and feelings

7.R4 read independently a limited range of short simple fiction and non-fiction texts

Level of thinking skills


2. Application

3. Assessment.

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

• Read the story “Lost world”

• Analyse the characters of the story

Assessment criteria



They get acquainted with topical vocabulary and pronounce them correctly.

They can use phrase words in dialogues

They can give their opinions

Express their own point of view and discusses it with peers.


Less able students will make notes about their ideas.

More able students will read the examples carefully before they start to talk.

Cross-curricular links

Art, Music, Sport, Sociology, Psychology

Previous learning

Asking for and giving opinions



Planned activities




The teacher greets students; students respond to greeting and taking their places.

Warm-up. Look at the book cover and characters in the picture and guess what the story is about.



30 min









Today we’ll get acquaintance with another story by Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s “The Lost world”

Exercise1.Think of adjectives to describe the six people in the pictures. Write the adjectives on the note paper.

Descriptor: A learner writes adjectives

  Answers: Students’ own answers (pretty, old, well-dressed, young…)

Exercise2. Read the descriptions of some of the characters from the book. Then match the descriptions to the pictures.

1. He is a famous zoologist from Scotland. He’s got a big head, a big body, and hairy hands. He’s got deep grey eyes, and a big blue-black beard. Many people say he is a liar, so now he hits anybody who asks him questions.D             

2. She is beautiful with large soft eyes and long hair. She has a sweet smile and she wants to marry a famous man. A             

3. He is a young and brave reporter with blond hair. He is in love with a beautiful young lady, and he wants to win the young lady’s love by going on an adventure. E             

4. He is a tall, thin man with red hair. He is a famous traveler and sportsman, and is strong with light, blue eyes.  F

5. He is an old Scottish man with white hair. He’s got a round, red face and a kind voice. He is the news editor of the Daily Gazette newspaper. C             

6. He is a tall, thin, grey, unsmiling man. He is a professor at a university and he wants to write a book. He doesn’t believe that Professor Challengerfound dinosaurs in South America. B

Descriptor: A learner reads the description and matches descriptions to the pictures.

Answers: 1 D     2 A       3 E       4 F       5C     6 B



Exercise3.Who says what? Look at the descriptions and these pictures again. Which characters say these things, do you think?

Descriptor:  A learner looks at the descriptions and the pictures again and guess which characters say these words

Answers: 1.Gladys Hungerton    2. Ned Malone     3. Mr.McArdle      4.Lord John Roxton

5.Professor Summerlee        6.Professor Challenger


Exercise 4.  Do a role-play. You and your partner are going to have a discussion about travel and adventure. Student A thinks travel is a very positive thing for young people to do, but student В thinks it is too dangerous. Before you begin the discussion, make some notes in the table.

Descriptor: A learner has a discussion about travel and adventure and makes some notes in the tsble 


Student A notes

Student B notes


















Assessment. Traffic light.

 Feedback. The teacher gives comments about learners work  and awards learner. Students will choose one and put on the board  their stickers.

Home work: SB p.122

Figures of traffic lights




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