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"Комплексная проверочная работа ( учебник Афанасьевой О.В.., 10 класс, 1 юнит)"

Данная работа содержит задания , направленные на контроль навыков аудирования, чтения, лексики, грамматики
содержимого документа

Task №1:Complete the sentences using words in brackets in Present Simple or Present Progressive:

1.My grandad is in the garden. He ….(water) the flowers. He always …(water) the flowers in the evening.

2. Where is your mother? — She … (cook) in the kitchen now.

3.The sun … (shine) brightly in spring.

4.  Where Mr. White … (live)? — I (not know).I … (suppose) he …(live) at 13 Baker Street.

5.  What Marta … (do)? — She … (play) football with her friends.

6.  Harry often … (swim) in the river.

7.  Listen! The birds … (sing).

8.  Look! Ben … (ride) a bicycle.

Task №2: Match the following English words with their Russian equivalents:

1.admit                                                                 A.знакомый

2.appreciate                                                           B. бить

3.beat                                                                   C. зрелый

4.  familiar                                                              D. женский

5.  female                                                               E.глупый

6.male                                                                   F. решать

7. precious                                                             G. амбициозный

8.solve                                                                   H.пока что

9.      so far                                                                  I.признавать

10.  mature                                                              J. мужской

11.  talented                                                             K.ценить

12.ambitious                                                            L.талантливый

13.silly                                                                     M. Драгоценный

3. Read the story and do the task

The Effects of Stress


There is a famous expression in English: "Stop the world, I want to get off!" This expression refers to a feeling of panic, or stress, that makes a person want to stop whatever they are doing, try to relax, and become calm again. 'Stress' means pressure or tension. It is one of the most common causes of health problems in modern life. Too much stress results in physical, emotional, and mental health problems.

There are numerous physical effects of stress. Stress can affect the heart. It can increase the pulse rate, make the heart miss beats, and can cause high blood pressure. Stress can affect the respiratory system. It can lead to asthma. It can cause a person to breathe too fast, resulting in a loss of important carbon dioxide. Stress can affect the stomach. It can cause stomach aches and problems digesting food. These are only a few examples of the wide range of illnesses and symptoms resulting from stress.

Emotions are also easily affected by stress. People suffering from stress often feel anxious. They may have panic attacks. They may feel tired all the time. When people are under stress, they often overreact to little problems. For example, a normally gentle parent under a lot of stress at work may yell at a child for dropping a glass of juice. Stress can make people angry, moody, or nervous. Long-term stress can lead to a variety of serious mental illnesses. Depression, an extreme feeling of sadness and hopelessness, can be the result of continued and increasing stress. Alcoholism and other addictions often develop as a result of overuse of alcohol or drugs to try to relieve stress. Eating disorders, such as anorexia, are sometimes caused by stress and are often made worse by stress.

If stress is allowed to continue, then one's mental health is put at risk. It is obvious that stress is a serious problem. It attacks the body. It affects the emotions. Untreated, it may eventually result in mental illness. Stress has a great influence on the health and well-being of our bodies, our feelings, and our minds. So, reduce stress: stop the world and rest for a while.

Choose if the statements given are True (T) , False (F)  or Not mentioned (NM).  

1.Tension does not have anything to do with stress.    (T)  (F) (NM)

2.    Stress results only  in physical and emotional health problems. (T)  (F) (NM)

3.    According to the article stress affects the results at school.  (T)  (F) (NM)

4.    Many people start  drinking alcohol because it is used to relief stress.   (T)  (F) (NM)

5.    People suffering from stress often feel calm. (T)  (F) (NM)

6.    A person can reduce his/her stress by doing yoga.  (T)  (F) (NM)

7.    Long-term stress may cause serious mental illnesses .  (T)  (F) (NM)

4 .Listen to the interview and complete the statements




                                             Script to LCT

 We know that British people like doing things outside work and spend a lot of time on their hobbies.

We’ve asked Ms Sandra Wilson to come to our studio and tell us more about how the British relax. Good morning, Ms Wilson and thanks for coming.

— Please call me Sandra. I’m glad to have a chance to talk about hobbies as it’s one of my favourite topics. Besides, they are really an important part of British lifestyle.

— Have you got a hobby, Sandra?

— I’m afraid I’m not original: my favourite pastime is gardening. As the weather in Britain is fairly mild, British people manage to do gardening almost all the year round. In fact, no matter how small their garden is, the British can always find something to do in it. My garden is not big but I mow grass in it every Sunday morning. To outsiders it may seem to be a kind of obsession but to a British person it’s an important social duty. — What plants do you grow in your garden?

— I don’t grow vegetables. In my little garden there are two old apple trees, some shrubs and four rose bushes. I enjoy the rose bushes most.

— What other pastimes are popular in Britain?

— Walking is very popular. Ask any British person if they have a pair of walking boots and the answer will probably be yes. They are useful for walking in the countryside. Walking as a leisure activity has a long tradition in England. You can buy a variety of maps and guides to walking routes. Organized walking is also popular and is a good way to discover local sights of interest with a group of like-minded people and a guide.

— And what about cycling? Cycling seems to be one of the most popular hobbies in a lot of European countries today.

— Absolutely. Cycling is another popular activity.Unfortunately, many British roads are very busy and don’t have cycling paths, so cycling can be a bit dangerous in Britain. Anyhow, many people find quiet country roads   and spend their holidays exploring their homeland on their bikes.

— Extreme sports seem to be the latest craze all over the world. Is the situation the same in Britain?

— Yes, extreme sports like rock climbing attract young people. Have you ever heard of extreme ironing?

— No. What is it?

— People compete at who can do their ironing in more extreme conditions: mountains, rivers, roofs of tall buildings, busy streets… These are only some of the places people choose for their competitions. The contestants are judged on both the extremity of the location and quality of ironing. Who knows? Extreme ironing might eventually become an international sport.

— I’m afraid our time is up. Thank you, Sandra, for your most interesting story











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