"Изобретения и избретатели"

Основные изобретения 19-20 веков для улучшения качества жизни
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Do you use moderninventions in everydaylife?

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What gadgets and machines do people use now?Why do people use them?Do the members of your family like to have such things as a computer, a TV set, a microwave oven?Do you often use a sewing machine and a dish washer?What is your favourite gadget?Have you got any really silly gadgets?What do you say to people who think gadgets are a waste of money?Do you often use a vacuum cleaner?

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Guess the riddles. What goes without moving from its place?What is it that doesn’t ask questions but must be answered?What is that which can play but cannot walk?A clock. A telephone. A piano

Номер слайда 4

Read and translate thesequotations. Invention breeds invention. (R. W. Emerson) The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it. (R. W. Emerson)He who has begun has half done. (Horace)

Номер слайда 5

Translate. A couch potato –Soaps –To beat –A spare minute –A mixture of –Anywhere –To keep in touch –The motorway –To set the deal –A bit of technology –To defrost –To perform cleaning task –An applique –Urgent messages –To do calculations -лежебокамыльные оперыбитьсвободная минуткасмесьгде-либобыть в контактеавтострадасоединитьнемножко технологииразморозитьстиратьаппликациясрочные сообщенияделать вычисления

Номер слайда 6

Give synonymsa customer –a salesperson –dull –seldom –to call –to buy -a shoppera shop assistantboringrarelyto phoneto get

Номер слайда 7

Grammar activities. If these verbs are followed by another verb, the structure is usually verb + ing!The verbs:stop enjoy fancy admit considerfinish mind imagine deny involvedelay suggest regret avoid practisemiss postpone risk

Номер слайда 8

Example:- Stop talking!- I’ll do the shopping when I’ve finished cleaning the flat. - I don’t fancy going out this evening. - Have you ever considered going to live in another country? - I can’t imagine George riding a motorbike.

Номер слайда 9

Open the brackets using Gerund or Participle I. I don’t enjoy (to eat) sweets because it’s harmful for my teeth. The water (to run) from the hill was clean. Stop (to write) this silly letter!What do you call in English the thing that we use for (to reheat) products?We couldn’t help ( to laugh) at Addie Murphy’s acting. The man (to sit) at the table was very pule and long-haired. What products do you use for (to cook)?She feels like (to dance), it’s her favourite music. The pupils look forward to (to go) on excursion to Kolomenskoye. Do you mind my (to smoke) here if I open the window?

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