итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для обучающихся 1 курса

Итоговая контрольная работа включает в себя задания , которые проверяют навыки письма и чтения, а также лексические и грамматические единицы.
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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 10 класс

Вариант I

1. Выберите слово, которое наиболее подходит по смыслу.

1. She … red when she heard the news.

а) grow  b) turned  с) has felt  d) looked

2. Refrigerating meat … the spread of bacteria.

a) retards b) retarding  с) to retard   d) is retarding

3. Twenty-five percent of Ecuador’s population speak Quechus … .

a) mainly b) only   с) voluptuously   d) still

4. They had their own set of house keys so that they could … themselves … after school.

a) get, out b) be, in   c) get, off   d) go, out

5. Finally, the doctor … waiting for us …

a) got tired of b) came out   c) kept off  d) went away

2. Употребите a/ an, the, nothing (-), где это необходимо.

1. I wrote my name at… top of the page.

a) a       b) an       c) the     d) –

2. …Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

a) The   b) A        c) —        d) An

3. The British Prime Minister lives in … Downing Street.

a) a       b) an)      c) —        d) the

4. I usually smoke cigarettes or …pipe.

a) a        b)an        c) the     d) –

5. Two people were injured in the accident and were taken to … hospital.


3. Преобразуйте слова, чтобы они соответствовали содержанию текста.

Jerry stared worriedly out of the window. He had been up

studying most of the night and now his exam was about to start.

Even though he had revised the same things again and again, he

wasn’t at all sure how (1)_________ he would be. It had been            SUCCEED

his decision to take this (2)_________, programming course, but         OPTION

that didn’t mean he wasn’t eager to pass. In fact, he wanted to get

a good mark as he had hopes of becoming a software (3)_______ .       DESIGN

This was Jerry’s golden opportunity but he felt his hand

shaking as he picked up his pen to write his name on the paper.

The exam was particularly (4)________ as he knew his future             FRIGHT

Career might be at stake.

He took a deep breath as he opened the exam paper that was

handed to him. This was the moment of truth. Then he gave a little

gasp of (5)_______. He knew the answers to all the questions; all        BELIEF

last night’s revision had paid off. He was going to do just fine!

4. Выберите нужный предлог.

1. …the way, where are my books?

a) From    b) At   c) By   d) With

2. …Sunday afternoon I usually go for a walk in the country.

a) At  b) After   c) In   d) On

3. Who is the woman … that photograph?

a) on    b) in    c) at    d) of

4. It has been raining …three days without stopping.

a) for    b) during   c) while   d) in

5. I saw Jack … the football match on Saturday.

a) in    b) on  c) at  d) until

6. We will still be here … summer.

a) in   b) on  c) at  d) to

 5. Чтение

The narrator was afraid to enter the hairdresser’s because she

1) had spilt coffee on her white trousers.

2) doubted the qualification of local stylists.

3) was strangely self-conscious.

4) was pressed for time.

Avoidance activity

I am in Birmingham, sitting in a cafe opposite a hairdresser’s. I’m trying to find the courage to go in and book an appointment. I’ve been here three quarters of an hour and I am on my second large cappuccino. The table I’m sitting at has a wobble, so I’ve spilt some of the first cup and most of the second down the white trousers I was so proud of as I swanked in front of the mirror in my hotel room this morning.

I can see the hairdressers or stylists as they prefer to be called, as they work. There is a man with a ponytail who is perambulating around the salon, stopping now and then to frown and grab a bank of customer’s hair. There are two girl stylists: one has had her white blonde hair shaved and then allowed it explode into hundreds of hedgehog’s quills; the other has hair any self-respecting woman would scalp for: thick and lustrous. All three are dressed in severe black. Even undertakers allow themselves to wear a little white on the neck and cuffs, but undertakers don’t take their work half as seriously, and there lies the problem. I am afraid of hairdressers.

When I sit in front of the salon mirror stuttering and blushing, and saying that I don’t know what I want, I know I am the client from hell. Nobody is going to win Stylist of the year with me as a model.

‘Madam’s hair is very th …’,they begin to say ‘thin’, think better of it and change it for ‘fine’ — ultimately, coming out with the hybrid word ‘thine’. I have been told my hair is ‘thine’ many times. Are they taught to use it at college? Along with other conversational openings, depending on the season: ‘Done your Christmas shopping?’ ‘Going away for Easter?’ ‘Booked your summer holiday?’ ‘You are brown, been way?’ ‘Nights are drawing in, aren’t they?’ ‘Going away for Christmas?’

I am hopeless at small talk (and big talk). I’m also averse to looking at my face in a mirror for an hour and a half. I behave as though I am a prisoner on the run.

I’ve looked at wigs in stores, but I am too shy to try them on, and I still remember the horror of watching a bewigged man jump into a swimming pool and then seeing what looked like a medium sized rodent break the surface and float on the water. He snatched at his wig, thrust it anyhow on top of his head and left the pool. I didn’t see him for the rest of the holiday.

There is a behavior trait that a lot of writers share — it is called avoidance activity. They will do anything to avoid starting to write: clean a drain, phone their mentally confused uncle in Peru, change the cat’s litter tray. I’m prone to this myself, in summer I deadhead flowers, even lobelia. In winter I’ll keep a fire going stick by stick, anything to put off the moment of scratching marks on virgin paper.

I am indulging an avoidance activity now. I’ve just ordered another cappuccino, I’ve given myself a sever talking: For God’s sake, woman! You are forty-seven years of age. Just cross the road, push the salon door open, and ask for an appointment!

It didn’t work. I’m now in my room, and I have just given myself a do-it-yourself hairdo, which consisted of a shampoo, condition and trim, with scissors on my Swiss army knife.

I can’t wait to get back to the Toni & Guy salon in Leicester. The staff there haven’t once called my hair ‘thine’ and they can do wonders with the savagery caused by Swiss army knife scissors.




Вариант II

1. Выберите слово, которое наиболее подходит по смыслу.

1.The Internet is very often … to a highway where we are free to explore in any direction.

a) contrasted b) paired  с) compared  d) surfed

2.We can enjoy on the Net … a large number of unexpected issues.

a) have brought up b) has also raised  с) has resulted   d) had generated

3.The MP3 format …used since the mid-90s.

a) was b) has been   с) is   d) had been

4.Napster … by Shawn Fanning and his friends in Boston in 1998.

a) has been created b) has created   c) created   d) was created

5.The activities of Fanning and his followers … in different ways over the years.

a) have been interpreted b) has been termed   c) were meant  d) have thought about

2. Употребите a/ an, the, nothing (-), где это необходимо.

1. What … interesting books!

a) a       b) an       c) the     d) —

2. Give me … match, please.

a) the     b) a         c) —        d) an

3. Which would you like … apple or … orange?

a) a       b) an)      c) —        d) the

4. All … cars have wheels.

a) a       b)an        c) the     d) —

5. Will you be at … home tomorrow?

a) a       b) an       c) the      d) —



3. Преобразуйте слова, чтобы они соответствовали содержанию текста.

        As a child I loved reading story books. It took you into another

world; one of fantasy where there was no school or homework. I

remember one particular book from my (1)_______ very well.             CHILD

It was called The Wind in the Willows and the (2)___________       ILLUSTRATE

were wonderful. The book was full of colour and the characters,

which were all animals, were very (3)_________ towards each            FRIEND

other. The characters were a water rat, a toad, a mole and a badger

who all behaved just like humans. Mole, Badger and Ratty the water

rat are very relaxed, lovable characters. Toad is very (4)__________    WEALTH

but often gets into trouble because he loves trying new hobbies. At one

point, Toad ends up losing his (5)________ but fortunately everything   POSSESS

works out well in the end.

4. Выберите нужный предлог.

1. Do not do many things … the same time.

a) at    b) on   c) in    d) upon

2. It’s a small town in the south … England.

a) —     b) from     c) to    d) of

3. “Couldn’t we go a little faster? I’m … a hurry.”

a) on    b) in    c) at    d) of

4. You must make… your mind.

a) to    b) behind   c) above   d) up

5. We will still be here … summer.

a) in   b) on  c) at  d) to

5. Чтение

The advice of American doctors is all about

1) ways to reduce negative effect of modern technologies.

2) complex measures that ensure healthy sleep.

3) positive effect of herbal therapy.

4) the process of restoring from unexpected psychological stress

A good night’s sleep — an impossible dream?

Tonight, do yourself a favor. Shut off the TV, log off the Internet and unplug the phone. Relax, take a bath, maybe sip some herbal tea. Then move into the bedroom. Set your alarm clock for a time no less than eight hours in the future, fluff up your pillows and lay your head down for a peaceful night of restorative shut-eye. That’s what American doctors advise.

American sleep experts are sounding an alarm over America’s sleep deficit. They say Americans are a somnambulant nation, stumbling groggily through their waking hours for lack of sufficient sleep. They are working longer days — and, increasingly, nights — and they are playing longer, too, as TV and the Internet expand the range of round-the-clock entertainment options. By some estimates, Americans are sleeping as much as an hour and a half less per night than they did at the turn of the century — and the problem is likely to get worse.

The health repercussions of sleep deprivation are not well understood, but sleep researchers point to ills ranging from heart problems to depression. In a famous experiment conducted at the University of Chicago in 1988, rats kept from sleeping died after two and a half weeks. People are not likely to drop dead in the same way, but sleep deprivation may cost them their lives indirectly, when an exhausted doctor prescribes the wrong dosage or a sleepy driver weaves into someone’s lane.

What irritates sleep experts most is the fact that much sleep deprivation is voluntary. “People have regarded sleep as a commodity that they could shortchange,” says one of them. “It’s been considered a mark of very hard work and upward mobility to get very little sleep. It’s a macho attitude”. Slumber scientists hope that attitude will change. They say people have learned to modify their behavior in terms of lowering their cholesterol and increasing exercise. Doctors also think people need to be educated that allowing enough time for sleep and taking strategic naps are the most reliable ways to promote alertness behind the wheel and on the job.

Well, naps would be nice, but at the moment, employers tend to frown on them. And what about the increasing numbers of people who work at night? Not only must they work while their bodies’ light-activated circadian rhythms tell them to sleep, they also find it tough to get to sleep after work. Biologists say night workers have a hard time not paying attention to the 9-to-5 day because of noises or family obligations or that’s the only time they can go to the dentist. There are not too many dentists open at midnight.

As one might imagine, companies are springing up to take advantage of sleeplessness. One of the companies makes specially designed shift-work lighting systems intended to keep workers alert around the clock. Shiftwork’s theory is that bright light, delivered in a controlled fashion, can help adjust people’s biological clocks. The company president says they are using light like a medicine. So far, such special lighting has been the province of NASA astronauts and nuclear power plant workers. He thinks that in the future, such systems may pop up in places like hospitals and 24-hour credit-card processing centers. Other researchers are experimenting with everything from welder’s goggles (which night workers wear during the day) to human growth hormones. And, of course, there is always what doctors refer to as “therapeutic caffeine use”, but everyone is already familiar with that.

So, is a good night’s sleep an impossible dream for Americans? Maybe so.


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