Инсценировка "В больнице"

Инсценировка "В больнице" будет отличным дополнением к уроку английского языка на тему "Медицина".
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- Where are your overshoes??? Follow the rules of the hospital! 50 cent for a pair.

- Come to reception, according to your turn.

Джамиля подходит

- Morning, where? ……. Well, your ticket, your overshoes. The therapist is receiving now. Good luck.

- Who’s next? (Настя) ….. ophthalmologist… So, your ticket, your overshoes. Room 20. Second floor to the right. Bye.

- Next! Гузэль подходит. Hello, I know, you are to the cardiologist, as usual. Your ticket, your overshoes.

- Next! Диля подходит. Morning, oh, you are looking unhealthy. What doctor? Gastroenterologist… Ok, your ticket, your overshoes. Room 27. Second floor to the right. Good luck.


Пациент стучится, доктор рассматривает снимки.

Patient: Good morning, doctor Evans.

Doctor: Good morning, miss Jelly. Come in. Take your sit. You are looking unwell. I hope, I am mistaken. Well, how do you feel today?

Patient: I am in a lot of pain! I have a strong stomach ache and I feel nauseous.

Doctor: Do you have a fever?

Patient: Yeah, I’m burning.

Doctor: That's not good. Lay down on the couch, I’ll have a look at you. (пациент ложится на кушетку) Unfasten your shirt, please. Where does it hurt?
Patient: Oh, my stomach, stomach ache is severe.

Doctor: Does it hurt when I press here?

Patient: Ouch! (Ауч) That hurts!

Doctor: So, you may get up. Sit down. I’ve researched the results of your stomach’s ultrasonography. Now I’ve examined you, I'm afraid I’ve bad news for you. These symptoms tell me that you might have appendicitis.

Patient: Oh, nooo. But, do whatever it needs, doctor. I’m ready to follow your instructions.

Doctor: First of all, do you have health insurance?

Patient: Yes, of course. My health insurance company is obliged to pay all the expenses at the hospital.

Doctor: You need to show it to the secretary. She will do all the necessary inquiries. But remember, good health is above wealth.

В этот момент к доктору стучится анестезиолог, чтобы передать бумаги.

Анестезиолог:  Doctor Evans, may I come in?

Doctor: Yes, I’m waiting for you.

Хирург обращается к пациенту:

- So, miss Jelly, the secretary is waiting for you too. There's a vicious circle. See you later. I’ll prescribe the treatment and you’ll get a sick-note.

Пациент встает, скручивается от «боли» и падает. Хирург с анестезиологом ловят пациента.

Doctor: You are on time, doctor Hilton, as usual. She has the appendicitis attack. We must carry out the surgery, right now.

Patient: Surgery! How horrible! Is it dangerous?

Doctor: Don't worry, miss Jelly. It's not dangerous at all. It involves minor surgical intervention. You won't feel any pain or discomfort, because my anesthesiologist is the best in our city. Get ready for surgery.

Анестезиолог: it's clear!


Анестезиолог и пациент уходят, затем уходит хирург.


… В операционной


На кушетке лежит пациент, под наркозом.

Doctor: Let’s start. Have anesthesia done?

Anesthesiologist: Of course. The patient is sleeping.

Doctor: What about the patient’s pulse?

Anesthesiologist: Stable.

Doctor: scalpel(анестезиолог дает скальпель)

 Doctor: forceps… (анестезиолог дает пинцет)

 Doctor: More cotton wool… (анестезиолог дает вату)

 Doctor: Clamp(анестезиолог дает зажим)

 Doctor: What about the pulse?

 Anesthesiologist: Normal.

 Doctor: Well done. We finished. Carry the patient in the ward. My congratulations, colleague.




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