Extra curricular work : "Golden Autumn"

Бұл сыныптан тыс шара күз мезгіліне байланысты.Мақсаты: Оқушылардың танымдық қабілеттерін, табиғатқа сүйіспеншілігін арттырып, қарым-қатынас дағдыларын қалыптастыру. Балалар ағылшын тілінде тақпақ өлеңдер айтып, пәнге деген қызығушылықтары артты.
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Тақырыбы: «Күз»


Мақсаты: Оқушылардың танымдық қабілеттерін, табиғатқа сүйіспеншілігін арттырып, қарым-қатынас дағдыларын қалыптастыру.
Compere 1: There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Today we are going to speak about autumn.

Compere 2: Autumn comes. It brings different colours: yellow, red, green, dark green.
Күз келеді:
Hello, my friends!
Glad to see you here!
Do you like my dress?
Do you like my parks and gardens?
Compere 1: Hello, Autumn Fairy! It’s very good that you are here! Probably you brought a present for pupils!
Autumn: Yes! Look, my apples like honey!
Everybody makes some jam.
I brought you flour
You will make a pie!
You can see my honey
And my autumn weather!
Do you like my rain?
All pupils: No, no!
Compere 2: Autumn is the time for harvest. How rich it is today!
Сәбіз, бұрыш, қызанақ, қызылша, картоп, пияз, қырыққабат, қияр киімін  киінген оқушылар ортаға шығады.


Autumn: Our harvest is very fine!
Look! You see a carrot, a potato, a white cabbage, a red tomato, a green cucumber! Here you are, my dear Pea!

The Pea: I am so pretty,
You know me.
I am green sweet fellow
And can treat you!
Autumn: And what about you any Beet!
The Cabbage: People use me for the soup
And for tasty cabbage pies!
And especialy the hares,
Young and old like my leaves.
The Cucumber: If you eat a cucumber,
So green and sweet,
You will be very pleased.
The Carrot: If you want to be so strong and clever,
Eat my carrot vitamins!
Drink my juice!
The Tomato: Don’t you know that my juice
Is the most pleasant and tasty.
Autumn: What vegetable do we need for every dish?
All pupils: Onion, of couse!
The Onion: You are right! 
I am very usefull for people!
The Potato: I am potato, so modest!
Nothing can anybody say,
That all of you need     The potato me!

Autumn: Everybody is right! But, do you hear? Somebody is knocking!
Oh, this is a doctor! Hello! Glad to see you!
The Doctor (дәрігер киімін киген оқушы шығады):
Hello! Glad to see you!
What are you talking about?

The Vegetables:
Who is the most important for children?

Who is the tastiest?

And in all diseases will be the most usefull?




The Doctor (отырады):

If you want to be strong and healthy

You should love all the vegetables!
And I can’t decide who is the most usefull and tastiest!
All of you are very important!
Autumn: Thank you, my dear Doctor!
Children! Do you know my sons?
What are their names?

All pupils: September, October, November!
(Күз айларының костюмдерін киген оқушылар ортаға шығады.)


A pupil: When I see the yellow, red leaves,
I know: it is September.
When I go to school again:
It is September!
September: There are twelve months in a year,
From January to December.
The first month of all the twelve
Is the merry month September.
September:  Children, let’s sing a song!
A pupil: When I see the falling leaves,
I know: it is October!
When there are no vegetables on the fields,
I know: it is October!

October: “Come, little leaves,” said the wind one day.
“Come over the meadows with me and play.
Put on your dresses of red and gold,
The summer is gone and the days are cold.”
October: Children, let’s make a bunch of autumn leaves!
(Оқушылар күзгі жапырақтардан күзгі гүл шоғын жасайды.)
October: Your bunches are very nice! Thank you very much, children.
A pupil: It becomes colder,

It often rains

Everything is dull,
I know: it is November!
November: What is a rainy season!
The sky is dark and grey.
No sunshine any more!
No playing out the doors.
November: Children, let’s play a game!
November: You are the winner! Go back to your place.

Autumn:  Oh, I see that you know all autumn months! I understand that you like this season with its red and yellow leaves, with its tasty harvest and with its rains.  Good bye!






















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